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“A Reliable Towing and Roadside Service Provider That You Can Always Count On!”

Everyday numerous unsuspecting people become stranded on the highway, roadside, at intersections, or in a public parking area, day or night, when their automobile suddenly malfunctions. That's the exact moment when it is absolutely necessary to have a trusted professional towing and roadside assistance service provider that you can immediately contact! As for towing and roadside service providers, we here at Priority Towing and Recovery continue to gain the well earned trust of all of our customers on a daily basis through our professional and personal interactions. We are currently based in Austell, GA, where we predominantly provide our high quality services in the Cobb County area but our towing and roadside assistance services oftentimes extends to the surrounding areas. 

What do we offer?

We provide all of our clients with consistently reliable towing and roadside assistance services virtually anywhere we are needed! If your vehicle begins to suddenly malfunction on the road and it becomes no longer drive-able due to any of the following, but not limited to:  "engine won't run", engine or transmission noises, flat tire, tire change required, dead battery, out of gas, or if you accidentally lock your keys inside of the vehicle, please call us to assist you with our dedicated 24/7 professional towing and roadside assistance services!

When/Why would you need us?

You will need the assistance of a professional towing and roadside assistance service provider whenever your vehicle begins experiencing major or even perhaps minor malfunctions. Oftentimes these malfunctions can quickly degrade to where they can become both a dangerous and time-consuming disastrous event. Our quick and affordable towing and roadside assistance services are available virtually anywhere in the area. If you are in immediate need of professional towing and roadside assistance service then you need not search any further!

How do we do it?

As always, we are determined to quickly satisfy your towing and roadside assistance service needs. We ensure that all of our personnel, service vehicles, and all associated tools of our trade are always fully functional so they are ready to be dispatched to your location on a moment’s notice. We will continue to successfully assist our clients with all of their vehicle issues while we provide them with professional grade towing and roadside assistance services that they can truly rely on!

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this towing service provider to family, friends, or my co-workers. Thanks again for quickly getting me and my family out of a dangerous situation!

Justine Morris - Satisfied Customer

What our customers are saying

You can honestly tell that Priority Towing and Recovery is extremely passionate about how well they perform for their customers. They truly care about their customers. Thanks!

Beth Lymon - Satisfied Customer

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