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At our times of need we are often required to place trust in the hands of another and that can be a difficult decision. However, you can rest assure that all of our highly qualified industry professionals here at Priority Towing and Recovery will always make your decision of where to place your trust, time, and resources significantly easier. Our professionals have fully proven themselves and continue to demonstrated their professionalism within the towing and roadside assistance industry with the ongoing quality of their work! 

If you are in need of one of the most in-demand towing and roadside assistance industry professionals in the Cobb County, GA area then you need not search any further! Priority Towing and Recovery has quickly become one of the most well-known industry professionals in the area for our outstanding roadside assistance service, and for the simple fact that we'll never disappoint our clients!

Why choose us?

Those who decided to place their well earned sense of trust in us have quickly discovered that they can always rely on us for jobs of all sizes! We have developed a healthy balance between affordable rates, quality of service, and customer satisfaction, which leaves our clients happy and satisfied! Please don’t become a statistic of one of the other unprofessional or unscrupulous competitors by misplacing your trust; choose Priority Towing and Recovery where our customers and their satisfaction are always our first priority!

Why trust our company?

You can always rely on us to provide you with top-notch service that is affordable and to never let you down in your moment of need! At Priority Towing and Recovery, we ensure that you are only assisted by highly qualified professionals. Your emergency is our priority and we will be there whenever you need us, on time and always prepared to assist your needs! Remember, we aim to please, our customers are our first priority and we will ensure that you are not disappointed!

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